you do not worry about whether we ask price for different person. Although the price is not the most
important factor of your choice it reflects the philosophy of our clinic : Honesty & Trustworthy
Although there are a lot of cosmetic plastic clinics nowadays, Dr.Hsu is the plastic surgery specialist and
cosmetic surgery specialist (see the certificate at the bottom) who has been worked in Plastic Surgery
Hospital for more than ten years.Our clinic set up in 1997,relying on Dr. Hsu's well-experienced plastic surgical skills,you need not worry to be guinea pigs.

We won’t charge any for our customers who return for follow-ups,sutures removal and messages etc. After surgical service is as important as surgery itself. And you need not to worry  cannot find your doctor after surgery.

There are many patients asked me:Doctor, why your surgery fee is lower than other doctors?
I know that they want to have the surgery not so expensive, but they also worry if there are some problems.

I settled down my clinic since 1997.The concepts I hold from the very beginning are“Safety, Profession, and reasonable medical fee for my patients”, and I won’t change it in my whole medical career. Because of it, my patients are very satisfied. They come back again, also they introduce their friends come to my clinic. I appreciated their kindness and supports, therefore, I always provide the reasonable medical fee to my patients. However, price is not the only decisive factor. The most important are doctor’s surgical skills, experiences, and your feelings and trust towards the doctor. Moreover, post-surgical care is the same important. So I provide my patients free charge for removing stitches, massaging breasts, providing them the ointments and medicines after surgery. Both of us work together to make the surgical outcomes perfect!